Eric Wasson

It can be said Eric was born on a motorcycle. It all began in 1973 when his life’s calling was cemented. With frightening regularity, Eric was the 3rd passenger on his father’s Harley Davidson, occupying a position between his mother and father, much like the families we see in SE Asia. How his parents could have expected anything else is beyond me…Having held a valid motorcycle license for more than 20 years, it wasn’t until 1991 that he bought his first motorcycle, a craptacular 1984 Honda VFR 500 Interceptor.

The local Tesco/Lotus….fully stocked!

It’s been a steady descent into motorcycle madness since. Obtaining his AMA Road Racing license wasn’t far behind, and after several years of wadding bikes and denting the bank accounts, he began his life as an avid off road racer. Being in a competitive atmosphere was something that really appealed to Eric, but not as much as the unflappable comradery found in the motorcycle world.


Since 1993, Eric has been dividing his time working in the customer service industry and exploring the far reaches of the world, clocking thousands of miles of seat time and riding some of the world’s greatest motorcycling destinations.. Whether it was servicing clients in a ski resort in the States or Europe, guiding guests at dive resorts in SE Asia and the Middle East, organizing tours for North Americans to travel to European ski destinations, or managing a big box motorcycle retail store, making people happy has always been his ultimate service goal.  Eric began his professional motorcycle adventure tour life with Angkor Dirt bike Tours in Cambodia, now Tours in the Extreme , working closely with Ben Laffer and Zeeman McCreedy, as a tour organizer.

Pit area…..SE Asia style…

Growing weary of Cambodia’s tourism explosion, he decided to move operations to Laos for a quieter life. Needless to say, he found what he was looking for and in 2007 decided to create L.A.R.A. He hopes to take all he has learned about the country and its people and share it with you from the seat of a motorcycle, the best way to view life.

Current bikes:


  • A dream of dreams, 2012 KTM 300XCw
  • 2004 Honda NSR Repsol 150RR
  • 1992 Ducati 944SS/SPO Custom
  • 1973 Kawasaki H2R 750 Triple Factory Racer
  • 1984 Suzuki RGV Gamma 400 Walter Wolfe Edition
  • 1964 Ducati Diana Mach 3 250
  • Minsk POS
  • Honda Super Cub 110
  • Honda CRM 250 AR
  • Honda CRM 250MK3
  • Honda CRM 250 MK2
  • And another Honda CRM 250 AR

2 strokes smoke while 4 strokes choke….brrrrrrraaaaaaappppp!