First introduced to the world of motorcycles in the 1980s, being the grandson of owners a local Kawasaki Dealership, one would think motorcycles  came quite naturally to him. One would be wrong, since his father strictly prohibited Todd from owning a bike.

Not to be outdone, and some say it was written, Todd won the Illinois State Lottery at 12 years old and used the funds to began his journey into 2 wheeled heaven. That steed was a brand new Kawasaki KX 85. From there, it only fanned the fire that carried over into his adult life, and his first foray into street riding was a 1986 Honda VFR 750.

Looking back, it was a good move, as this was the perfect bait to attract his current and only wife, his original high school sweetheart. Since 1996 Todd has been juggling his life as the¬†Guest Services Manager at Portland, Oregon’s premier 5 star hotel, Hotel Monaco , adventure touring in SE Asia, and playing father and husband to his wonderful and understanding family.

Todd comes to us with a strong customer service background, as in addition to his time at the Monaco, he has worked extensively in the guest services industry throughout world famous ski resorts in Colorado. Besides traveling the world with his family, he is active in live music production, and quite possibly the USA’s biggest Liverpool FC fan. Don’t hold that against him…..

Todd currently rides:

  • 2001 Honda XR400
  • 2003 Honda XR650
  • 1984 Honda NT650 Hawk GT
  • 2003 Yamaha YZF450
  • 2004 Honda CRF250X (wife)
  • 2005 Honda CRF50 (son)