Motorcycle Tours

At L.A.R.A. we have several types of trips on offer. We provide a no-frills, extreme adventure tour for those whose primary goal is to challenge themselves AND experience all that Laos has to offer from a more budget minded perspective. And we offer an extensive “tarmac tour” inclusive of only the finest accommodations on offer in each destination as well as ample time to see and experience all of the major highlights Laos has to offer you. ¬†Of course we can take the best of both aspects and custom design a trip to not only meet your goals as an adventure traveler to Laos, but your budget as well! This means that you will have an experience that more than meets your wildest motorcycle dreams!!! Not only will these tours give you a detailed idea of what your day-to-day itinerary will be, but they should also help you to gauge trip times and costs in the event you wish to book a custom trip with us. Just looking at a map, 200km may seem like a short distance, easily covered by one day’s riding…whereas in reality, 200km in a rural paradise like Laos, can in actuality take several days!!!! Of course this isn’t always the case, but it helps to have a point of reference, and this is meant to do just that, in addition to showing exactly what we have in store for you.