Budget Tour Special

This is a tour for the rider with a limited budget or limited time. A great way to spend a day and a night in the countryside of Laos, and a great value for the money!! As in all our tours, all costs are already included. When we say $99, we mean it!!! So what do you get? Read on:

First we’ll depart from our office in Vientiane, around noon. From there we’ll head 13 North in the direction of  Senxoum. Along the way, we have 3 special stops. At these stops we will visit several different ruins and temples, many 1000s of years old, and best of all, you cant find them in a guidebook. These are relatively unknown, except for the local villagers, and that means you can stroll in peace without any crowds. Some say the Angkor Era ruins here rival those at Wat Phou, Laos most famous temple complex of that time. After having your fill with these exotic temples, we arrive at the Nam Lik Eco Lodge. I think rather than try to describe a small paradise in the Lao jungle, I’ll let the video speak for itself:

Impressed? it really is an amazing place, a true labour of love as they say. That night we’ll be treated to a magnificent meal prepared from rich local ingredients fused with a twist of French flair. Even fresh baked bread, oven hot, and homemade jam preserves!!!

After a peaceful nights sleep on the river and a filling petit dejauner prepared by our host, we will set off for one of several “put in ” spots for the kayaks. The Nam Lik and the Nam Ngum are both mostly slow flowing and will require some paddling at times. And the novice kayaker won’t be in over their heads….let’s hope!! Water conditions will be taken into account when choosing the right spot. In the event that the water is too low in all spots, an alternate activity will be chosen, based on your liking. At the very least, we will take advantage of the bikes and free time to explore the surrounding areas and villages. When the rivers flows right, it’ll put us back at the eco lodge just in time for one last meal with our wonderful host. Then it’s a short drive back to Vientiane for a sunset on the Mekhong.

So again, what’s included?

Motorcycle rental (Honda Baja 250cc) and Petrol

  • Take away homemade baguette sandwiches for temple picnic lunch
  • Visit 3 hidden temples
  • 1 night Bungalow Nam Lik Eco Lodge
  • Dinner at Nam Lik Lodge
  • Breakfast at lodge
  • Boat transfer upriver and Kayak
  • Lunch at Nam Lik Lodge before heading back VTE

Did we leave anything out, besides YOU? If you think so, please don’t be afraid to ask!!