Tarmac Tour – 14 Days

Premier Laos Golden Tarmac Motorcycle Tour Itinerary:

DAY 1: Arrival day in Vientienne, inclusive of lodging and meals. This first day will mate riders with their bikes and allow them time to familiarize themselves with their equipment and the country. Accommodation will be at the  5 star Don Chan Palace

Awesome Tad Sae falls Just another day at the office…….

DAY 2: Depart VTE for an easy trek to Vang Vieng, beautiful riverside town, popular for its tubing, kayaking, and other water sports activities. Considered by many to be Laos most aesthetically pleasing location, the scenes and surrounding areas are sure to leave you in awe. Accommodation will be at the Vansana Vang Vieng resort.

DAY 3: Depart Vang Vieng for an incredibly scenic mountain drive to the ancient historic capitol city of Luang Prabang, a UNESCO world heritage site. Accommodation will be at the pinnacle of luxury, the Luang Say Residence , world renowned for its exceptional grounds and setting.

DAY 4: Lucky for us all, 2 additional days will be spent here in Luang Prabang and the Luang Say as a rest day. During this time, the first rest day to explore, we will visit Pak Ou caves, a site that has to be seen to be believed. The spiritually pious trek here all year long to make offerings of small Buddhas to the spirits who live in these caves. As a result, over 5000 individual Buddha statues dot these caves. Visiting these caves will entail a boat trip up the Mekong with scenery to last a lifetime! After that, time permitting, we will travel with our motorcycles to the beautiful Kuang Xi waterfall.

DAY 5: Again we will spend the day and night in the luxury of the Luang Say Residence while we spent our final day in Luang Prabang. This day is alloted as a “free day” of individual exploration or you may join the group for an exciting and unique elephant trek or visit the Tad Sae Waterfall .

DAY 6: From Luang Prabang we will travel  far north to the town of Muang Khua. Situated on the Nam Ou river,  Muang Khua is a great place to go if you want to step off the road well-traveled, without going to far off the track. The town is rarely visited by foreigners, and the pristine unspoilt views, as well as areas once designated as the Ho Chi Minh trail, are the real gem here. Accommodation will be at the Sernnali Hotel

DAY 7: Get your sea (or river) legs on……because next we will board one of the ever famous Lao long tail boats for an idyllic river cruise to the town of Nong Kiau. The gentle current of the Nam Ou will carry you to your destination in about 4 hours, depending on traffic ;)  Accommodation will be at the Nong Kiau River Resort.

DAY 8: Today we will recharge our batteries and enjoy a quiet and peace-filled rest day. While you pass away the time, our trained mechanic will make a thorough once over on each machine, making sure all is in order.

DAY 9: Make sure you have plenty of Tiger repellent because today we enter the Land of the Tigers, in the amazing Phou Loei National Bio Diversity Area , taking rest in the village of Xam Nua. Accommodation will be at the basic, but clean and well appointed Lao Heung Hotel.

Uhhhhhhhh…. yeah.

DAY 10: This day we will visit the Pathet Lao headquarters and the caves of Vieng Xai that were fortified during the Indo-Chin Wars, as well occupied during theViet Nam conflict. Guests will have a chance to visit actual caves used as headquarters and living areas for entire villages affected by these conflicts. The caves were home to fully operating cities, inclusive of hospitals, schools, and even jails.  The Pathet Lao were embroiled in a battle with the allies of the USA during the 60s and 70s and this new nation was formed into what we see today.

DAY 11: Assuming no tiger fatalities, we will travel from Xam Nua to the town of Phonsavan. It was home to the Royalist Forces, the Hmong Freedom Fighters, and the covert CIA air war. Phonsavan has a lot to offer in terms of its prestige and heritage. UXO (unexploded ordnance) abounds, craters are marked everywhere and 1,000-year old jars dot the landscape on former battle zones.  Accommodation will be at the Auberge du Plain du Jars, beautiful individual European Alpine chalets, each built with its own fireplace for those cold winterly mountain nights.

DAY 12: With all the history surrounding the Plain of Jars and Xieng Khouang province, we will take another day to visit its most treasured and valued sites. Enjoy another night in the luxurious cozy setting of the Auberge.

DAY 13: IMHO, quite possibly the best drive in Laos, we will embark on our final legs home, departing Phonsavan for the ever amazing Vang Vieng, with plenty of time to relax and unwind. Enjoy the remainder of the day floating the scenic and charming Nam Song, or spend the day reflecting on all you have seen and done.  Accommodation will be at the Vansana Vang Vieng resort.

DAY 14: We depart Vang Vieng for the final leg of the journey, our ride home to Vientienne. Enjoy your final night at the grand Don Chan Palace  where we will all share a final meal and a final recounting of all that has passed. Exchange emails and promises with new found friends and bask in the glory of having achieved your once in a lifetime adventure motorcycle experience.