Custom Tours

As stated earlier, we at L.A.R.A. realize that for many people this is the trip of a lifetime. Therefore, you want to be sure everything is as exactly as your mind has imagined it. For those whose schedule or budget simply doesn’t allow them to attend one of our pre-arranged tours, we can also offer Custom Tailored Adventure Tours.

Didn’t we just go thru here…..? Livin’ like the locals

With these custom Laos motorcycle tours, you can shorten or extend upon our pre-existing routes. Or possibly some areas we plan to cover aren’t really in your interest. Each client has a different idea in mind of what they would like to experience during their motorbike adventure trip in Laos. And to that we say….a custom tailored adventure is right for you. Each custom motorcycling adventure tour still includes all the great features and benefits of our pre-arranged tours, we just tailor the dates and the routes to give you and the members of your group exactly what they wish to achieve.

For rates, questions, and general inquiries, please click here and someone will contact you within 24 hours. Also, for immediate requests, you can always call;

Thai- 66-08-7702-3191        Laos- 856-02-0749-7392

Green viper…don’t touch!!!