South + Ho Chi Minh Trail Adventure

This 10 day tour will cover the Southern highlights of Laos. It will encompass both on and off-road sections, but nothing too challenging for the intermediate rider. Lodging and guest houses are typically very comfortable and have all modern conveniences, such as hot water and en suite facilities. Some of the tour highlights will include:

  • Historic Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Limestone Forest
  • Ancient Buddha Caves of Thakek
  • Dong Hua Sao National Forest
  • Tad Fane Waterfall and Boloven Plateau
  • Kong Lor Caves
  • Wat Phou Angkor Era Temple Complex

The basic itinerary is as follows:

Day 1: Vientiane-Pakxane via Phou Khou Khoey National Protected Area                   A short drive from Vientiane to Thakek, about 4-6 hours depending on group size, but an easy route. We will spend the later part of the day to visit the Buddha Caves. Excellent off road area if the group would like to explore the countryside. Lodging at the Thakek Travel Lodge.


Day 2:  Pakxane-Lak Xao                              Depart Thakek for Pakse, old French Capitol. We will spend the day exploring the French Capitol and surround areas of interest and scenery. Lodging at the famous Hotel Pakse.


Day 3:  Lak Xao- Bualapha       This is where the HCMT will start. We will depart from the Vietnamese border region and head deep into the jungle trails that criss cross through this historical area. Get ready for off road heaven!



Day 4:   Bualapha-Xepon/Dong          Deeper and further into the HCMT…..


Day 5:   Xepon-Sekong           We will have a restful nights sleep in a modern hotel tonight. And continue on down the Trail.


Day 6:    Sekong-Attapeu             Our final leg of HCMT will lead us right up to the borders with Cambodia and Viet Nam. The last day will see historic war remnants and beautiful, unseen single track trails. A good nights rest again will see us through to  Champassak in the morning.


Day 7: Attapeu-Champasak          Across the famous Boleavan Plateau, pass through coffe plantations and farms in some of Lao’s most fertile areas. Visit plantations and see how Lao coffee is making its way to a Starbucks near you. We will arrive in Champasak and take time to visit Lao’s most famous Angkor era temple, Wat Po. It is located at the base of mount Phu Kao,  just shy of the Mekhong River in Champasak province. There was a temple on the site as early as the 5th century, but the surviving structures date from the 11th to 13th centuries. Little restoration work has been done, other than the restoration of boundary posts along the path. Wat Phou was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.


Day 8:  Champasak-Savanakhet         After departing Champasak we head onto the tarmac for a quick blast. Our day will see both on and off road as we snake along the Mekhong and Lao’s main southern route 13 to Savanakhet. It is the 5th largest city and Laos and sits just opposite Thailand, Mukdahon, on the Mekhong. Fabulous casion gambling and first class food and lodging are on order as we celebrate coming out “of the jungle”…


Day 9:  Savanakhet-Thakhek         Continuing northbound, today is much like the day before, as we trek along the off road sections that shadow the route 13 along the Mekhong. Some roads follow along the River, others take an inland twist. Either way, enjoyable riding and views for all.


Day 10:  Thakhek-Vientiane                                         The final drive home……back to Vientiane for bike return and wind down!!! Hope you enjoyed yourself!!


Cost is;
$ 2,499.99 for DBL occupancy
$2,699.99 is for Single