The 4th Exxxtreme Laos Enduro 2013








Presented by L.aos A.dventure R.iders A.ssociation

Are you looking for a bike tour that does things a little different? If you’re up for a challenge, then come join us on our 4th Laos Exxtreme Enduro in November 2013. Get remote in the country of Laos and journey deep into its jungles, visit its hidden villages and explore its untraveled tracks. Visit war sites, remote villages, historic routes along the Ho Chi Minh Trail, and the ancient capitol city, UNESCO World Heritage Town, Luang Prabang. We’ll sleep “raw” out in the forest, sleeping under the trees and falling asleep with insects and animals in the wild. Best of all, first class jungle catering will keep your body full and satisfied on several nights.

  • On the Enduro we cover nearly 2,500 kms in 12 days and really show you some of Laos hidden tracks.
  • For $3,000 USD you get bike hire, fuel, all food, drinks and snacks, 4×4 support vehicle with spare bike and accommodation. ***EVERYTHING BUT THE BOOZE IS INCLUDED***
  • Upgrade your ride to a PREMIUM BRAND NEW KTM 450 or 300
  • If you are interested in joining us for this high demand annual event – contact us NOW.

Please note that while we strive to really push your endurance as a rider, these tracks are NOT designed to eliminate the rider. While you must have some pretty good intermediate off road bike ability, we are not trying to break our riders with the terrain. You should be in very good physical condition, currently own and operate an off road bike ( or in the recent past!), and be prepared for days that are long in duration rather that difficult to tackle. It is in no ones interest to have riders that cannot complete the course and this is not the goal of this tour.

Rally overview

If you want to see the real Laos with an experienced guide who has a full set of motorcycle spare parts, qualified and trained in first aid and the skills to get you riding through some of the most remote trails in Laos, then join us for this 12 day, 2,500km adventure tour. Together we’ll travel through pristine jungles where tigers, elephants, and a few snakes and other surprises roam in the wild. We’ll visit waterfalls, temples, Vietnam War Era sites, and remote Hill Tribe villages. While there are a few “luxurious” places where we will have all the comforts of a great adventure, there will also be some evenings where we’ll sleep “rough” under the trees.. Don’t worry, we’ll have everything you need for sleeping out!


  • Depart: Don Chan Palace Hotel, Vientiane Laos, 17th November 2013
  • Return: Vientiane, 28th November 2013
  • Please do not book your return flight out of Laos until AFTER 28th November 2013

Guests arrive 16th November, Vientiane – pre-departure meeting, 16th November All riders are reserved rooms at the  Don Chan Palace Hotel in Vientiane  , the capital of Laos. This is one of the finest 5 star hotels in Laos. You can also leave all your gear at the Don Chan Hotel while out on tour and collect it upon your return to Vientiane.  On the evening of November 16th  there will be a riders meeting at 7pm  downstairs in the bar of the Don Chan Palace. It’s important you attend this meeting to learn all the details for our program as well as meeting the other participants. Once all that is taken care of, it’s off to dinner for a nice feed before hitting the trails. Most people will choose to have their bikes on their arrival. We can arrange for that or for you to have your bike on the morning of departure. Whatever you prefer is easy for us…Keep in mind, 1st come 1st serve, unless other arrangements have been made.

Day 1 –  Vientiane-Hmong Village Camping                         70% off road

To Nam Ngun River. 75% off road. We’ll depart Vientiane at around 9am and head to one of Laos’ largest national protected areas known as the Phou Khou Khouy. This will be a tour through the forest area and surrounding lake, which was created as a result of damming the Nam Nguen River. Heavily forested and twisting trails will be the terrain. The Phou Khou Khouy national protected area is beautifully set amongst reservoirs, dams and lakes, giving a ‘Swiss’ atmosphere to the area as you look out at the lakes and reservoirs created in the valleys below. We’ll camp in a Hmong village for the night – a real challenge for the off-road lover.


Day 2 – Hmong Village-Lak Xao          70% off road

After breakfast, we’ll cross the river on a Hmong ferry and carry on deep into the mountainous jungles of Borikhan Xai Province. At the end of the national protected area, we’ll arrive in the province capital, Pakxane, for a filling lunch. After a good fill for your body and bike, we’ll head down to Vieng Kham and beyond…Head for the Vietnamese border where 70kms of tarmac winds along some of Laos’ most scenic views and jagged mountain karsts. We’ll also travel to a small village, Thabok, which has made use of bomb casings and spent shells to make everything from boats to feed troughs and small houses. You’ll get a good feeling for post-war Laos in this small setting as we arrive at the beginning of the Ho Chi Minh Trail.


Day 3 –Lak Xao-Bualapha                         90%  off road

Welcome to the Ho Chi Minh Trail! We’ll travel right through the Nam Kading protected area, which showcases beautiful forests, river crossings and high mountains. All the while we’ll be on our own ‘private’ trails, through which motorised vehicles bigger than a bike won’t be able to fit. This day will be spent mostly off road with some graded dirt and quite exciting sections! We’ll travel the famous Mu Gia Pass, north-Vietnamese supply line. We will also see our first American bombs in Ban Napoung and cross three rivers by ferry, if all goes well… And at the end of the day we’ll sleep in a Vietnamese guest house


Day 4 – Bualapha- Nong vicinity – 90% off road

We’ll continue through the mountains and jungles of the Ho Chi Minh Trail. We’ll pass numerous war reminders, tanks, missile sites, spent bomb casings and several famous battle sites. We’ll rest at a decent guest house where there are a few shops on the hill for fun.


Day 5 – Vicinity of Nong-Salavan -100% off road

This is one of the best and most challenging days on offer. This very remote track will challenge the hardest rider! Travel over one of the largest suspensions bridges in the area and relax for a dip in the waters along a gigantic bamboo toll bridge. In the evening we’ll stay at a very nice hotel.


Day 6 – Salavan-Phin – 80% off road

As we begin our turn northward bound, we’ll enter the east side of the Xe Ban Naun national protected area and explore the rugged trails along the base of the mountain. In the last half of the day, we’ll use the network of trails in the Dong Phou Vieng. We’ll eventually arrive in Phin for another good night of fun.


Day 7 – Phin-Mahaxay 90% off road

Today we drive into the most famous national protected area of Laos, the Phou Hin Poun, home of the famous Kong Lor Cave System, which is only accessible via long-tail boat as it’s always under water. We’ll spend the evening in guest-house style accommodation.


Day 8 – Mahaxay-Vieng Tong – 90% off road

Today is one of our longest days and we’ll drive the trails of mountain and jungle through the center of the Phou Hin Poun national protected area and the Nam Kading national protected area. Depending on progress, we may even sleep in a military camp or rough it out under the stars… And there’s always the option of a guest house, depending on the conditions.


Day 9 – Vieng Tong-Phonsavan 80% off road

Phonsavan is home to the Royalist Forces, the Hmong Freedom Fighters, and the covert CIA air war. Phonsavan has a lot to offer in terms of its prestige and heritage. UXO (unexploded ordnance) abounds, craters are marked everywhere and 1,000-year old jars dot the landscape on former battle zones. First we’ll travel off road to the old supply-line route used during the war to supply royalist forces in P-van. This area is currently under consideration for UNESCO status as it’s also home to the famous mystery known as the Plain of Jars – thousand-year old stone vessels strewn across the land with no explanation as to their use. P-van was the home to Royalist Forces during the war and this earned the area the distinction of being the most heavily bombed in Laos. UXO and its reminders abound and we’ll have the chance to visit a few centres that are set up to tell the story. We may even meet a few of the victims along the way. More than 300 people per year are injured from UXO in this area. Continuing on through the mountains we’ll visit Phonsovan next. This is also a UNESCO world heritage site. On the road in we’ll have a short visit to the Plain of Jars, which is home to the largest collection of stone monolith vessels in South-East Asia. The area contains 1,000s of large stone jars dating back to times B.C.! Scholars still theorise about their usage, but no one knows for sure. Xieng Khuan also has the dubious distinction of being the most heavily bombed area of the known world. The ‘non-existent’ CIA secret armies dropped more than 2,000,000 tonnes of bombs on this country backwater trying to interrupt the supply lines of the Ho Chi Minh. Oh, and then they were just too damn heavy to carry home, so they dropped them on villagers, children and animals… The craters, countless un-exploded bombs littering the fields, are visible to all. Villagers have used bomb materials for construction and on a daily basis bomb victims are testament to the USA’s lies about never having been there. Phonsovan is the epicentre for war history in Laos. Overnight, we’ll be staying in comfort at a rustic French-Lao owned lodge called the Auberge Plaine des Jars, which is similar in style to a mountain chalet. This lodge was the setting for Anthony Bourdain’s ‘No Reservations’ Laos episode. Sanya and his brother have taken over the lodge from their father and offer a wealth of information about the history and culture in the area. Sanya is fluent in French and English, having been schooled overseas.


Day 10 – Phonsavan-Luang Prabang  90% off road

The route through to historic Luang Prabang is 90% off road and winds up and down through some amazing mountainous areas all inhabited by ethnic hill tribes, mostly Khmu. Experience the true lifestyle of Laos as it was thousands of years ago in Luang Prabang, with a 10pm curfew, highly spiritual experience and genuine Lao culture at its best. It was no mistake when UNESCO declared this area a world heritage city. Surrounding attractions include the most famous waterfalls in Laos, multiple caves, stupas and temples all for viewing and worshiping the Buddha. It’s possible to visit elephant camps where Mahouts will teach you about training and living with these incredible animals and show you how they’re still used today as work animals. I can’t say enough about this place – it’s a gem! Accommodation-wise, we’ll spend the evening in comfort and with a bit of luck, we’ll stay at the Treasure Island Resort.


Day 11 – Luang Prabang-Nam Phouey/Thongmixay Camping                 80% off road

This day is a favourite amongst our guests. We cross the Mekong River via ferryboat and enter into elephant country, Xayabury Province, and its capital, Hongsa. We’ll have a few kilometers of tarmac, mud, singe track, sand, loose rocky trail with deep crevasses climbing up steep mountain paths, a few rivers to cross and maybe a few surprises to boot. We’ll quite possibly see a wild elephant or two. The untouched, dense forest offers bamboo stands as well a large old growth timber. In the evening we’ll sleep in the forest.


Day 12 – Thongmixay -Vientiane            70% on and off road

Finally, we’ll end our journey near the Mekong River and logging town of Pak Ley. After a good fill for the body and bike, we’ll head out of Pak Ley and pass through some very remote villages and land. We’ll be the only motorised traffic around and one of a very small handful of people using this trail period. We’ll follow a rarely-used single track through deep bamboo forest for 60km or so. We’ll board canoes with our bikes and get ferried across the Mekong, just a few meters south of the Thailand border. And for the last leg, we’ll follow the path of the Mekong in a north-east direction and pass through the Phou Pannang National Forest. Along the way the route will be partially sealed and under construction. On our return to Vientiane we’ll be staying at the Don Chan Palace Hotel (which will be optional for you, as it will be at your own expense). Please do not book your return flight out of Laos until AFTER 26th November 2012.



Is L.A.R.A right for me?

At Laos Adventure Riders, this Enduro Tour is much different than your typical, organized motorbike tour. It is unlikely we encounter other foreigners along the way in all but the most touristy area of Luang Prabang. We will be using alot of remote jungle tracks of often unknown condition and sometimes, passability. The road and track conditions in Laos are changing very rapidly, both for permanent and from season to season. As it is impossible to know all the track conditions in advance, there might be sections where we have to back track and re-route. That is just one reason that we ask you to be patient and open minded for whatever the trail throws at us. We can assure you, whatever the issue facing the group, our team will be equipped and ready to handle anything.

  • There will be a Western Guide, fluent in Lao, leading the way. In addition, there will be one additional member of our team bringing up the rear.
  • We will have all the major spares for your bike as well as the tools and knowledge to implement them.
  • Both members of our team will be carrying basic First Aid equipment, and I am certified in Medic First Aid Training.

If you’re up for a bit of fun and spontaneous adventure, then you’re in the right place!

  • And we’ll also sleep on the cool jungle floor under the wild canopy, possibly screaming with monkeys!


Spot the elephant?                       Yes, that IS a snake on her pole

Will I be in over my head?

To complete this rally you need more endurance than a high level of skill. You should be able to complete river crossings of up to 1M deep, possibly long muddy tracks, as well as a few sandy sections too. Not huge, steep inclines, not insane crazy WEC type tracks, but long days for sure. You should be fit and have good endurance and stamina. You should also be comfortable riding in hot, sweaty conditions, which we will have in some cases. It shouldn’t rain, but a few days of rivers to cross will see us all a bit wet from time to time. The end result of this tour should be fun and adventure. As we mentioned above, we aren’t trying to race, compete, or eliminate any riders. This is a tour for riders, who come to ride, and wish to spend their days exploring Laos most remote and extremely wild side.


How much is it?

$3,000 USD per person covers 12 days of the rally and includes motorcycle hire, petrol, meals, support truck, and accommodation from the moment you arrive. This is everything, apart from alcohol, personal items like laundry, Visas and your flight to and from Laos.



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