Whats Not Included

The following items WILL NOT be included in your tour price. By no means is this a definitive list, so if there is any uncertainty, please do not hesitate to contact us here.  Please understand that any omissions are purely accidental and will be updated as they are brought to our attention.

  • There will be no airfare included of any kind, either from your home to your gateway, or from your gateway city to Vientiane.
  • Any tips you wish to provide for any service rendered. However, all restaurant tips are included, as that is part of the meal plan.
  • We will not be able to cover the costs of your Laos travel visa. It is available for 35.00usd, upon arrival by air or overland at the Friendship Bridge. You must provide a photo as well.
  • Damage incurred to the motorcycle due to accidents. Mechanical issues are not your responsibility.
  • Laundry costs if you choose to wash your gear.
  • Any fees or charges incurred of an entertainment nature, such as a cover charge for a club, etc.
  • Any fines or fees paid to police or other officials if you are found to be breaking the law, i.e. riding without a helmet.
  • Riding gear such as boots, gloves, goggles, helmets, etc. It is highly recommended you bring your own from home, as the quality is not on par with our standards.
  • Any costs associated with a traffic accident, including reparations should you kill someone’s livestock. This is an extremely rare situation, and happened once in 11 years, to me personally.

Again, this is not an exhaustive list. I am sure there are some items I have left out, and should you have any question, or need clarification, please contact us here