Motorcycle Tours of Myanmar

I know for many adventure riders, the Land of Golden Pagodas, has been off limits for ages. Well, that is about to change, which is good news for both the people of Myanmar, and for those wishing to see something pristine, magical, and just a tad mysterious from the seat of a motorcycle.

I write this in January 2011,  having just returned from a 3 week survey and ride mission. I can now report that we will be offering guided motorbike tours through Myanmar in 2011. Group sizes are limited to 4 pax and we already have 2 groups booked, in March and again in May. Contact me for details and info.

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I cannot stress enough what an amazing journey this was, through a country that is highly mis-understand and a bit too frightened of outsiders. The locals haven’t a shy bone in their body. They just love foreigners and having their pictures taken. And they all asked and pleaded for was to return and please brings friends as they had never seen tourists and could really use the money. I love Laos and one reason I choose to live here is the people; I have never met friendlier or more helpful folks in my life.

Myanmar is the same – from the police, to the soldiers letting me sleep in their barracks, to the poorest toll gate attendants on the Arrawaddy River bridge who let me sleep in their hut, knowing the penalty for housing a “farang” could at best loose them their job, at worst, see their interment at a work camp or even….

Myanmar Motorcycyle Tours 2011