Moto Tour March 2011

Myanmar motorcycle tours - mountainous, mysterious... hangseneliquids

Myanmar Motorcycle Tours

Here is our Myanmar Motorcycle Tour program starting 25 March:

Day 1: Arrive in Rangoon (Yangon) and relax  ( 5 star)

Day 2: City tour in Rangoon    ( 5 star)

Day 3: Fly Rangon to Mandalay and meet your bike   ( 5 star)

Day 4: Depart Mandalay and drive to Thazi via P’yin Poo    (Guesthouse)

Day 5: Depart Thazi for Kawlaw (Very nice hotel)

Day 6: Depart Kawlaw for off road adventure. Today we will drive along ancient trekking paths, only off road, only villages. Lunch along the way prepared by local villagers. Sleep on a mountain top Monastery.   ( Monastery)

Day 7: Depart monastery for Inley Lake. Arrive mid evening at resort, situated right over the top of the lake. The resort is built on stilts over the center of the lake and we must arrive by boat. ( 5 star resort)

Day 8: Tour of Inley Lake and floating market. Each of 5 (larger) villages hold the market on alternate days and we will visit, via boat, the appropriate village.   ( 5 star resort)

Day 9: Depart Inley Lake for Ni Pi Taw. The surreal and deserted “new” capitol city.  ( 5 star resort)

Day 10: Depart Ni Pi Taw for Magway, ancient city on the Arrawaddy River.  ( Very nice resort/hotel)

Day 11: Depart Magway for Bagan, Myanmar’s “Angkor Wat” – a village of over 1000 temples and pagodas well over 1500 years old. Stunning. You can’t walk without tripping over pagodas there are so many things to see here!  ( 5 star resort)

Day 12: Tour of Bagan. The morning begins with hot air balloon flight over the town of Bagan, giving a birds eye view of just how massive and amazing this holy town is. The “Balloons Over Bagan” activity is one of the most famous and popular attractions in Bagan. They have been operating under UK ownership for nearly 15 years.   ( 5 star resort)

Day 13: Bagan back to Mandalay     ( 5 star )

Day 14: Fly back to Rangon from Mandalay     ( 5 star )

And after that, you are free to do as you please….If you elect to extend your flight trip home for personal exploration, that is just fine. We can also arrange the flight from Mandalay to depart later if you prefer.

The rates include everything except for your beer or alcohol, personal items such as laundry, and souvenirs.

Included are:

  • Flights as indicated (round trip RAN/MAN)
  • Lodging as indicated each night above
  • 3 meals a day
  • All snacks, drinks, water, tea, etc during stops
  • Motorbike for the duration with spare parts etc ( Yamaha DT 125)
  • All petrol, autolube, oils, and any repairs or maintainence of mechanical nature. You must pay for damages due to accident should it occur
  • All permits, taxes, entry fees, and activities as outlined above

Just to reiterate, basically, everything except for the booze!